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Criteria for selection : Apart from need and viability, the selection is done on the basis of physical verification/inspection of such applicant (Madrasahs) by District Level Inspection Team subject to fulfillment of some essential conditions. Mere fulfillment of conditions does not entitle an applicant (Madrasah) for approval or assistance. The decision of the State Government is final.

Conditions to be fulfilled : The following conditions should be fulfilled for approval/affiliation/recognition for getting financial and other supports from the Government  
  1. The Madrasah has been running continuously for at least 3 years. Preference will be given to those institutions established within 31.12.2000 and running for longer period.
  2. The Madrasah has to be situated at a noise and pollution free atmosphere.
  3. The Madrasah should have enrolment, at least 40 and 80 for 2-classes Jr. Madrasah standard respectively.
  4. The Madrasah should have necessary building/ spacious class rooms per unit and other infrastructure.
  5. The Madrasah should have sufficient sitting arrangement.
  6. The Madrasah should have drinking water facility, girls’ common room(in case of co-educational institution), good sanitary arrangement.
  7. The Madrasah should have followed curriculum and syllabi of equivalent classes of Jr./High/Higher Secondary Madrasah prescribed by West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education.
  8. The Madrasah should have staff pattern with duly qualified teachers and non-teaching staff asmay be prescribed.
  9. The Madrasah must have a Bank account having at least a sum of Rs. 5000/- to the credit or to be credited. The same should be changed or a new account will have to be opened in favour of the Madrasah Shiksha Kendra after approval.

    The Government may relax the conditions, if necessary, in special circumstances to reach the target.


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